From the Drawing Board to the Chalkboard

Seven years ago I developed a syllabus that focused on the back of the house and bar design and taught this course at the Rosen College Hospitality School - University of Central Florida for four years and presently teaching this course at Boston University Hospitality School.

What makes this course so unique?

We target key areas which impacts a facility's monthly income. For example, the cost of electrical, gas, water, drainage and other areas as well as labor hours, equipment cost and equipment selection are addressed in depth. All of these areas discussed relate to daily operations in these facilities.

Why is this information important to the students?

As they go forward in their careers, managing or in operations for hotels, casinos, resorts, restaurants, theme parks, etc. all have the same common denominator for running their businesses. In today's economy, cost and savings is imperative.

The course involves drawing, case studies, lecture time, site visit (hotel or restaurant) and guest speaker(s). The last class has a panel of industry experts as well as the professor(s) who review and critique the final projects. The final project is a team effort, each team is allotted 15 minutes to present their project.

As a result of this course, there have been many success stories from the student's who took this class and began working in the industry after graduation. Many have communicated how the course provided them with invaluable information and has given them a better understanding of both the front and back of the house operations.

Happy New Year!

Thomas W. Galvin, FCSI, President
Adjunct Professor, School of Hospitality, Boston University
Founder & President, Galvin Design Group

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