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Do You Know the State Law?

If you hire a foodservice designer, you need to be aware of the Florida law. The 2012 Florida Statutes states in Section 481.229 (Paragraph 8 (A&B) (8) a manufacturer of commercial foodservice equipment or the manufacturer's representative, distributor or dealer or an employee thereof, who prepares designs, specifications, or layouts for the sale or installation of such equipment is exempt form licensure as an architect or interior designer, if:

    (a) The designs, specifications or layouts are not used for construction or installation that may affect structural, mechanical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, ventilating, electrical, or vertical transportation systems.
    (b) The designs, specifications, or layouts do not materially affect life-safety systems pertaining to fire-safety protection, smoke evacuation and compartmentalization, and emergency ingress or egress systems.
    (c) Each design, specification, or layout document prepared by a person or entity exempt under this subsection contains a statement on each page of the document that the designs, specifications, or layouts are not architectural, interior design, or engineering designs, specifications, or layouts and not used for construction unless reviewed and approved by a licensed architect or engineer.

What Does This Mean?

It is interpreted that a foodservice designer can sketch a layout but cannot produce a scaled drawing with rough-ins and only can be done by a licensed consultant.

How will this affect you and your business? Here are some things to think about when you are hiring a designer/consultant.

  1. How will this effect your insurance by using an unlicensed designer?
  2. What fines can the State of Florida issue for using an unlicensed designer?
  3. How will this impact your layout for lifesafety?
  4. What finds can the state of Florida issue to your client.
A licensed consultant need to obtain two licenses in the State of Florida. They need an individual state license (architectural, interior design or engineering) and also a business license.

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