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  • Food Facilities Consultants

    At Galvin Design Group, with every project, our design goal is to make an environment that will deliver an incredible experience for our client's customers. Most of the time that means creating a place that's all about a good meal. Through sound, light, and vision we work to achieve just the right balance in which a great dining experience can occur.


  • –Sound, Light & Vision. These three principles can powerfully influence your customer’s experiences with your company. Galvin Design Group’s facility design incorporates the elements of sound and light as they travel through controlled space. Our designs harness the positive energy of light and color to help you provide the ultimate dining experience. These concepts play into how much customers order, what they will order and even how much they will spend with your establishment.

  • –Pump Up The Volume. Volume is the key to a food faciliy’s success. And, even though it is a well-known fact that high ticket times mean decreased volume and decreased revenue, few facility planners put the time into properly designing the kitchen to address these important issues. Galvin Design Group not only addresses ticket time, we make it our goal to create facilities design solutions that increase your volume.

  • –We Can Cook. Galvin Design Group respects the methods and art of cooking. As a matter of fact, we have spent time learning alongside executive chefs to bring this dimension to our design. An appreciation for the steps of flow, cooking processes, time, motion and fatigue that can occur in a food facility guides GDG to create solutions that keep your operation competative.

  • –We Have A Great Location. Our headquarters are right in the heart of the family entertainment capital of the world, Orlando, Florida. The top vacation destination, each year, Orlando is visited by more people seeking the ultimate eatertainment experience than any other city on the globe!

  • –e Manage The Budget. From initial concept to implementation, we manage the details. Our extensive experience with pricing, value engineering and manufacturer relations allows us to capitalize on design efficiencies that will maximize your output while effectively controlling your costs.